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About Us

Global Experts is a recruiting agency based in Austria, which specialises in hospitality.

  • Team of successful tourism specialists, chefs and recruiters.
  • Have international experience.
  • Dedicated to working for the industry’s success and improvement.
  • Take a very personal approach to each candidate.
  • Provide tailored strategies for our clients.
  • Maximise our candidates’ potential through our personalized trainings.

We are devoted to connecting exceptional individuals with successful hotels and restaurants in need of experts. Our ultimate goal is to help hotel owners and professionals keep providing unique leisure time experiences even in a reality as fast-changing and as demanding as the 21st century!

The Global Experts team knows from experience how much time, effort and sacrifice go into the pursuit of a successful career, as well as into recruiting the best employees. This is why our goal is to help as many hotel experts worldwide as possible to make their dreams come true. We achieve this by carefully getting to know both our candidates and our clients, and through detailed selection and matching. We believe that hard work and perseverance should be appreciated and rather than being a goal in themselves, they should contribute to one’s sense of self-confidence and to society’s prosperity.


All of our applicants go through one or more of the following trainings (depending on the position and the applicant’s needs):

  • Language and culture of the country of employment, including job-specific items (different levels available) – developed and delivered by experienced language specialists.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Traditional cuisine in the country of employment (for positions in gastronomy) – developed and delivered by a Le Cordon Bleu-certified chef.
  • Soft skills for the workplace.
  • Hierarchy, culture and mission of the employer’s organization.

The type or training depends on the applicant’s previous experience and on the employer’s requirements.

For clients

Dear Employer, we are happy to welcome you into our family of global experts! We are aware that your employees are the engine driving your business and that you want to work with the people who will take on your company’s success as their personal mission. Our goal is to help you and your employees develop your full potential and create a prolific and beneficial work environment. As Global Experts’ newest member, you will have the chance not only to come into contact with the brightest talent in your field, but also to make sure that all of your staff have an understanding of your vision and the expertise necessary for your business’s growth/success.

Apart from carefully selecting the candidates who best meet your requirements, we will provide them with one or more training courses that will prepare them for the specific role they will play in your organization. This way we will help your team grow not just by another employee, but by a new, fully-functioning member! And the best part is that these tailored trainings entail no additional costs!

One more thing you might want to know is that you can also suggest your own candidates for selection and join the selection process at any time. In case you need to fill an executive position, we will add the services of one of Europe’s most renowned graphologists, as well.

Our high standards and professional integrity, combined with years of experience in our main fields, guarantee you a fast, reliable and stress-free selection process.

You can find more information on our trainings here or send us an email through our contact form.

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For Candidates

Dear Candidate, thank you for choosing Global Experts as your companion on the way to success! All professionals, be they seasoned or fresh-out-of-school, have one thing in common – they are pursuing a dream. We at Global Experts know how much hard work, time, passion, dedication, sacrifice and determination you are investing in your dream and we want to help you reach your full potential as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

As your career consultant Global Experts will:

  • Take the time to get to know you
  • Recommend you to the best employers in your field all over the world
  • Make sure your CV ends up in the employer’s top-5 choice of applicants
  • Commit to getting you the best working conditions
  • Help you prepare for your first day on the job
  • Attend to you in more than 6 languages and even outside business hours
  • Help you out with paperwork and institutions

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